Relatively of a higher degree than among regions in the same country. B. It is collected from the importer or exporter of goods, but its incidence is actually borne by the consumer of the goods and not by the importer or the exporter who… Read More »Customs Duty: Nature and Objectives Required fields are marked *. D. none of the above. A. ANSWER: D, 74. D. Conciliation and arbitration. B. A. You've reached the end of your free preview. D. Threat of entry; the power of buyers; the power of suppliers; the threat of substitutes; government action. If the load variations are slight the motor of continuous rating of the highest load may be chosen from the available catalog. ANSWER: D, 17. B. B. decision was taken as a result of group consensus. ANSWER: D, 16. ANSWER: D, 41. Investment in shares. D. Customers have strong existing brand loyalty. B. C. price and tax controls. It gives an insight about tax that is implemented to the price of goods and services. c) Reduce the customs duty collection from manufacturers. The business environment; the attractiveness of the market; the purchase/use situation. ANSWER: A, 71. A. C. Relatively easier than movement within the country. D. all business operations. D. Opportunities in new market segments. Income level. In this article you can find Multiple Choice Questions on Companies Act with answers. C. Culture is evolved among the members of society. ANSWER: D, 85. B. Beliefs. MCQ quiz on International Finance multiple choice questions and answers on International Finance MCQ questions on International Finance objectives questions with answer test pdf for interview preparations, freshers jobs and competitive exams. B. foreign missionaries. Explanation: The import keyword is used to access the classes and interfaces of a particular package to the current file. Choppers MCQ Instrumentation Tools assists you with a complete guide of objective questions which mainly targets the aspirants of Electrical, Electronics and Instrumentation engineering Streams to crack the competitive exams and to prepare for the top MNC companies written tests. The 86th Constitutional Amendment Act, 2002 puts duty on parent or guardian to provide opportunities for education to his Child or Ward in the age of (a) 6 to 14 (b) 6 to 10 (c) 5 to 15 (d) 6 to 16. Domestic companies should not boycott any export order. B. B. Abundant natural resources; skilled labour force; temperate climate; and democracy. An increase in the general level of prices, as measured against some baseline of purchasing power is also known as A. gross national income. %PDF-1.4 C. The convergence of ideas and culture. B. B. C. Increased factor income. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. B. D. On a non-repatriable basis. B. A country with high uncertainty avoidance will witness D. To raise income and restrict imports. The promptness with which an individual accepts foreign assignments. C. language and cultural differences MCQ Questions for Class 11 Business Studies with Answers were prepared according to the latest question paper pattern. All spheres of marketing, operation and finance simultaneously. C. education. Social stratification is done on the basis of A. C. finished products and components. ANSWER: C, 42. Which is the largest country within the EU by the size of the population? j�p~�s��҉&��.���wg8SWាX`�=�r��q���XQ&�?8(��h���^�;�$a"�9�2X��1uRx��O��k4��Q�1h"Y����|p��0X����`a��kpC �LD����|8,P�?BK���1Qޤ�1/z��6�O��x���SZ�vf��t�8;���c(���_Г�1u��R��)Q!x���?Ϗ�X��1��#v���1�L#��0K¡3�.~v����L]�Tݫ�{�h���/�g!������0�S#����>�҆���|���W��#�Z��g�0^ A. B. FDI made in subsidiaries. D. War- ridden societies. C. Retaliation. Taxation Law MCQs Multiple Choice Questions 1. D. Culture is determined by national boundaries. B. Totalitarianism does not permit ANSWER: B, 95. A. C. Traditional Islamic countries. C. Lesser control in management. B. Yes b. The government without compensation. Question 3 : Which of the following is not an objective of export promotion capital goods scheme ? 11. ANSWER: A 210. D. The management structure of an organisation. The objectives of import duty is/are A. to raise income for the government. To restrict imports. A. administrative regulations. D. per capita gross domestic product. ANSWER: A, 8. International business does not result in the following The following benefit is not expected from globalisation ANSWER: C, 2. Business across several countries with some decentralization of management decision making to subsidiaries is D. non-tariff barriers. B. is the major factor for international business. C. Investor’s influence on the management of the enterprise. ANSWER: A, 31. For example, Americans who travel abroad can bring back a certain number of dollars' worth of items without paying a duty on those times. A. ANSWER: D, 63. A. C. Any or all spheres of marketing, operation and finance. C. Foreign countries exporting to the country. Liability of the customer for illegitimate use of the product. C. Auditing external and organisational factors; identifying key competitive forces; identifying competitive position; identifying key opportunities and threats. Dear readers, if you like our services please do not forget to share with your friends on Facebook and other social media. Non- tariff trade barriers do not include ANSWER: B, 14. ‘Import’ when used in the context of imposition of the duty The disadvantages of Greenfield FDI as compared to acquisition is True b. B. Opportunities in the business environment not being fully exploited by the competition. Which of the following statements in relation to the Five Forces framework is correct? Judgments are based on detailed codes, rather than precedents under ANSWER: A, 27. C. Centrally- planned socialism. B. components only. Enhance your subject knowledge through Glimpses of the Past MCQ Online Test and lay a stronger foundation of your basics. D. Sanctions are against a single country, embargoes are against all foreign countries. MCQs on GST. B. higher than per capita GNI. C. by using penetration pricing strategies. ANSWER: B, 35. Import Duty C. Embargo D. Exchange control E. Import License 1 B Prior to exports customs examine goods as well as invoice to ensure that (Find incorrect statement) A. ANSWER: A, 70. D. quota. ANSWER: A, 12. Uneven distribution of natural resources D. policy influenced by an individual. The right of a citizen to freedom of expression and option is preserved in A. citizens directly participating in the government of the state. Tariff barrier. ANSWER: D, 68. D. Production and marketing. B. By entering into international business, a firm expects an improvement in A. money supply. General Knowledge questions with answers for competitive exams, Global Business Environment MCQs with Answers – Set2, Jamia Indian Defence Personnel Assignments, Please contact us for further information / clarification, rdbms mcq – rdbms multiple choice questions with answers pdf, Quality Management MCQ – TQM multiple choice questions answers, Project Management MCQs with Answers pdf notes, Java Multiple Choice Questions with answers, Production and Operations Management MCQ with answers. Custom Duty – Objectives. They can also help you interpret the level of value addition that is required to manufacture goods in India from an import duty perspective or whether the products can be imported in finished form / Semi-Knocked Down (SKD) form or Completely Knocked Down (CKD) form. C. To encourage exports. Market growth rates. Excise duty exemption on exports is available for duty paid on A. finished products only. C. Liability of the seller for selling spurious goods. B. Appropriation. Under invoicing or over invoicing is avoided. D. Created assets seeking FDI. C. Austria. B. This section focuses on "Python Pandas" for Data Science. Change in government policies. B. Answers to Economics MCQs are available at the end of the last question. a. ANSWER: D, 84. A. American. A. ANSWER: A, 64. Thus, the main objectives of import trade are as follows: (i) To speed up industrialization: Developing countries import scarce raw materials and capital goods and advanced technology required for rapid industrial development. A. tribals. ANSWER: C, 36. A. The role of women is restricted in Indirect regulations affecting international business does not include A. Islamic law. ANSWER: D, 91. D. may be lower or higher than per capita GNI. D. Strong sporting ethos; emphasis on individual achievement; strong national party in power; large home market. A. D. The characteristics of the people/organisations; the purchase/use situation; users’ needs and preferences for product characteristics. A. scale in production. To assure that the exporter will receive the payment . A. Acquisition. A. from economic area to a customs union to common market to free trade area. C. To encourage exports. C. Negotiations. ANSWER: B, 38. Strategic gaps are The extent to which competitors are in balance. D. India. ANSWER: D, 94. Regulating exports. For a country with a relatively lower level of cost of living PPP per capita GNI will be To raise revenue, To regulate imports of foreign goods into India, To conserve foreign exchange, regulate the supply of goods into the domestic market, To provide protection to the domestic industry from foreign competition by restricting the import of selected goods and services, import licensing, import quotas, an outright import ban. GK, General Studies, Optional notes for UPSC, IAS, Banking, Civil Services. Fiscal consolidation is one of the objectives of India’s economic policy. ANSWER: D, 82. In international business cheaper alternatives to litigation is/ are A. D. Investment of low value. Which of the following is not a major reactive motif for initiating export? A. A. representative democracy only. D. quota. C. management. B. age of mass production. Foreign trade - MCQs with answers 1. D. tall organizations structure. C. United Kingdom. C. They have many suppliers to choose from. Exchange control. C. includes body language. B. A. A. Greenfield FDI. Export licensing. C. The framework is a means of identifying the forces which affect the level of competition in an industry or sector. ANSWER: B, 7. ANSWER: B, 72. D. to have management is overseas. Land as a factor of production is immobile C. predominance of agriculture. Government action, exchange rates, competition and sociodemographic factors. C. recovery. A. D. 8 per cent. D. France. C. trade barriers and agreements. ANSWER: C, 13. D. Organisations following similar strategies. D. To raise income and restrict imports. The following is not a feature of globalisation C. per capita gross national income. D. Delay in the establishment. Arbitration. A. age of mass consumption. At market rate. ANSWER: D, 98. B. Confiscation refers to the seizure of assets of a firm by C. supporters from both developing and developed countries. At corresponding value in the home country of the firm. ANSWER: C, 100. D. any of the above. A. D. The framework identifies the major stakeholders of an organisation. A country in the stage of traditional society is characterized by Ownership of intellectual property is recognized in law by granting A. D. Assessing historical trends; auditing environmental dangers; identifying strategic capabilities; identifying competitive position. Switching costs are of concern to the customer. D. the overseas producers. We have also given the answers for the Multiple Choice Questions MCQ on Companies Act 1956. B. Monetary policy relates to controlling Python Pandas MCQ Questions And Answers. Non- tariff trade barriers do not include A. administrative regulations. B. Click on below button to share. A. ANSWER: D, 57. 3 per cent. Marketing. C. Strategic capabilities; organisational structure; organisational culture. C. from free trade area to a customs union to common market to economic union. Continuous Duty with variable Load. A. The compensation is paid on expropriation B. D. (c) above and VAT. A firm investing in a foreign country to distribute the products therein creation of ANSWER: B, 25. Countries/ regions with huge market size will attract ANSWER: B, 5. Countries specializing in the production of goods they are best suited for. 8. A. ANSWER: C, 24. D. 1955. ANSWER: D, 89. Protecting Indian Industry from undue competition. ANSWER: C, 10. Answer MCQ 86.2: C) No Duty payable as Export from DTA to SEZ is out of Scope of the Acts. ANSWER: B, 62. B. ANSWER: B, 81. Profits B. Items that can be exported from the country. B. recession. D. None of the above. A. A. A. D. marketing practices. Prohibiting imports and exports of goods for achieving the policy objectives of the Government. The legal system in India is based on Political, Economic, Societal, Technological. A. FDI made by a group of firms. B. D. Develop a view of an environment which has a high degree of uncertainty, build plausible views of different possible futures and take a long term view of strategy. Place of origin of goods. A. Conciliation. ANSWER: B, 50. D. Encouraging competition. 2 per cent. Transfer of assets of a foreign firm to a domestic firm affected by the government with payment of compensation is Civil law. Market segmentation aims to ANSWER: C, 55. Outsourcing of components is an example of the globalisation of C. Both tariff and non- tariff barrier. A. existence of the traditional rule. Which of the following could be effective in preventing a potential competitor from entering the market? C. Its rivals. A. ANSWER: D 35. B. import and labour restrictions. ANSWER: D, 9. C. both (a ) and (b) above. D. English law. MCQ On GST. These MCQ’s on Company Law will be useful for UG & PG students like MBA, BBA, B.COM, BCS, ACS and other courses.This can also be consider for MCQ’s for LAB The objectives of import duty is/are A. ANSWER: A, 46. D. complexity of shipping services to overseas buyers The possibility of an existing competitor withdrawing from the market. Goods packed are the same as declared in shipping bill. Special characteristics of the product associated with the place of origin. ANSWER: C, 34. ANSWER: A, 97. C. lower than market value. C. Identify key drivers of change. D. Centrally- planned capitalism. A. Customs duty is a duty or tax, which is levied by Central Govt. A. C. Antitrust laws. A. Attitudes. D. It will be in detail. Mar 24, 2020. B. C. Place and special characters of the product. A. recession. Answer & Explanation. D. should be learnt by business managers to communicate with foreigners. D. economic union. D. 90 per cent. B. Non- tariff barrier. Many industries tend to come together to make use of the advantages offered by the urban … A directory of Objective Type Questions covering all the Computer Science subjects. Both A and B. stream Prev; Next . B. C. The substitute product does not provide enhanced functionality, reduced cost and better quality. C. To encourage exports. Reaping the benefits of free trade. A. petition from other organizations in foreign markets The objectives of import duty is/are A. B. D. Place or special characters of the product. The best selection of objective questions are included for your upcoming examinations. Middle East countries. D. Distribution FDI. C. freedom of expression to citizens. C. fiscal barriers. ANSWER: C 209. D. the Koran. Learn how your comment data is processed. A. ANSWER: C, 54. C. same as per capita GNI. Antiboycott regulations provide that Conglomerate FDI refers to B. lack of tax incentives for organizations that export Domestic firms from engaging in exports. B. Q.1 Among the following options _____ is not a duty of planning commission. In relation to the PESTEL framework, which of the following statements is correct? The import duty on capital goods like all other items was high during that period, inflating the cost of capital goods nearly 50%, so the government allowed exporters to import capital goods at only 25% import duty. 2. False c. Never defined in the Patent act. d) Infuse high technology capital equipment in the manufacturing sector. B. Explanation are given for understanding. A. different currencies D. automatic. C. It will provide less severe damages. ANSWER: D, 19. B. Click on the picture below to … C. Vertical FDI. The following represent major reactive motives for initiating export ANSWER: C, 39. C. Sanctions are general, embargoes are specific. The government with adequate compensation. A. Qatar. A. is the only cause for international business. a. A. D. FDI made in unrelated products. To restrict imports. Your email address will not be published. The following factor does not differentiate the international business from domestic business The value of the gradient at extrema of a function is always zero - answer. C. Theocratic law. A contract drafted under civil law differs from that drafted under common law in the following respect Market capitalism. A. B. domestic producers. ANSWER: B, 93. 1947. ANSWER: D. 94. D. Not a trade barrier. D. through mass communication where their strengths in technological innovation are emphasized. Geographical indications specify Social mobility is measured by B. partnership with local firms. A. weaknesses in a company’s resources or competences. D. Patent, copyright or trademark as appropriate. Free international trade maximizes world output through D. Sanctions. The following statement with respect to culture is false �="i����� ����JO1M~�i�s�ƣS����)����������0��TV��Ĥ���v.o �S�d�8B]H��LCr��Hn0��@���R�m���N«�dYxd *�^���⭇�m�_Ҡ0.ɑ�"y�)9!$�e��f0�o�Z|�[L�RNȁ������Ѐ�G�Ez�}�e��oA�c�h��k�鏨Ar��!C�B��Oi��0@��ZCP�k���w��R���$�&b�&�p{Rj5� K�5��d9&�|r ��-I��)���ΌdG[[vս^�� �,�>9 #w�ȝH\Q_��gT�,,χdnF8����%�ćE�=�o?W@*�����1��H4�4��N ����(w3ـ�$��o��1�:�2�p��P���U�@:���:�X�7l�%�"�fn�[]�o+u���33`����j����K�\v���;3�S��x�pS@T��w������2a�`�H�x@2{�c�}�2���}��l>�/o��2Pњ����,��1�h4���3�D/Z�|� ށ�i��HPC<>,�`o!Z�?�,V�>�5�#����7�o����X�X�]4|4Y�h���Dh@$A�i-c�t �n��v�#f��3��`�U�a�m�z�5WC0�AOXJ�Ĵ�*L��:w��u��9I�UF�D. ANSWER: C 75. A. Global business. ANSWER: A, 18. ANSWER: C, 32. Society dominated by male members. B. non-existence of industries. Shipping receipt; Mate receipt ANSWER: D, 52. None of the above ANSWER: C, 61. The following factors are key drivers of globalisation The objectives of import duty is/are _____. A. practice of religion. 208. Which of the following is not a common form of tariffs? In other words, it is used to import the user-defined and built-in classes and interfaces into the source file of java so that the current file can easily access the other packages by directly using its name. MCQ Questions for Class 11 Business Studies with Answers were prepared according to the latest question paper pattern. D. is not a cause for international business. %�쏢 C. EU law. If you have any kind of information, suggestion related to this post, or want to ask any question please make comment in the below comment box. B. in any order. ANSWER: A, 51. D. Consumption is minimized. Share: You may also like . C. overproduction/excess capacity and unsolicited foreign orders ANSWER: A, 56. Use the Objective Questions of Class 8th Glimpses of the Past MCQ with Answers provided below and understand all the concepts easily. According to the economic growth model of Rostow, the passage of a country through the stages is B. a. Given below are important MCQs on GST to analyse your understanding of the topic. B. C. Snickers bar. Objectives of Customs Duty. 2. C. Political, Economic, Social, Technological. C. Purchase. C. Identify the differences between organisations and their competitors. D. The possibility of a potential competitor entering a different market. 1 Out of following which is tariff barrier? A. Poland. It is not appropriate in public sector management. C. the military. To raise income for the government. D. To raise income and restrict imports. B. ANSWER: D, 49. C. Both ownership and management of the firm are transferred to locals immediately. Among the factors that affect the balance of trade figures are a) 1 and 2 only b) 1 and 3 only c) 2 and 3 only d) 1, 2 and 3. 40 per cent. C. Imports are rendered cheap. B. gross domestic product. B. Russian. D. Low switching costs for buyers. If you enjoy the MCQs of Indian economy / planning please share with your friends so that they can learn and prepare for their examinations. D. Japanese. D. trade policies The threat of substitutes may be high if Culture is enduring. The framework assists in developing a broad perspective on the environment within which an organisation is operating. Identify the similarities and differences between groups of customers or users. Current Affairs Objective Quiz-MCQ: 1-15 February, 2020 February 15, 2020 July 20, 2020 Important: These current affairs questions (15 days) have been formed from various English newspapers: The Hindu, Indian Express, Times of India, Hindustan Times, Down to Earth, All India Radio, PIB and various other standard sources. B. free trade area. ANSWER: A, 48. D. only developed countries. Develop a long term view of strategy. <> D. Big Mac. C. German. B. political risk. B. D. business risk. A. C. insurance. It assists in the assessment of organisational strengths and weaknesses. D. complete absence of literacy. No new investment in the host country is created in the case of D. Dissemination of information through new information technology. D. The extent to which the society as a whole shifts its habitat. Export control refers to restrictions on C. Society characterized by aggressive and materialistic behaviour. A. lower level of stress among people. D. Domestic firms engaging in trade with the nation. We have compiled NCERT MCQ Questions for Class 11 Business Studies Chapter 11 International Business with Answers Pdf free download. B. Anglo-Saxon common law. ANSWER: C, 21. C. FDI made in similar products. Sanctions and embargoes differ in the following respect View answers by clicking the black box. B. B. authority being accepted without question. ANSWER: D, 67. ANSWER: A, 77. If the traveler brings back more than the allowed dollar amount worth of items, he or she must pay the tax (which varies according to the type of item, the type of travel, and other factors ). Market socialism. C. The extent to which inter-caste marriage is encouraged by society. C. less dependence on rules and regulations. C. overseas suppliers. D. credit creation by banks. ANSWER: B, 3. There are few buyers in the market. C. To eliminate risk of non completion. A. import duty on imported components. B. ANSWER: C, 6. C. maturity. International cooperation is encouraged. Eguardian offers online courses & top quality writing services with accuracy, incorporates formatting standards and as per your desire. Reduction in taxes. A. inflation. Licenses. Import tariff benefits A. the consumers. So let's put your knowlegde to the test, by taking our import and export quiz! It will be shorter and less specific. The customs duty paid for the import of capital goods as per 2009-2014 policy is A. A. proximity to international customers/psychological distance C. is among the major factors for international business. A. ended sales of seasonal products. ANSWER: C, 66. In a business cycle, the phase preceding prosperity is B. only a few developing countries. ANSWER: C, 45. D. the overseas producers. To raise income for the government. B. state worship of the land. B. Customs. C. Price controls. A. (C) Q2. The economic System whereby the state holds broad powers to serve the public interest, it decides what goods and services are produced and in what quantities and demand typically exceeds supply is What will be the value of supply? B. periodical elections for representatives. Identify the similarities between groups of customers or users. As per cultural dimensions of Hofstede, masculinity refers to A. ANSWER: D, 69. PEST is an acronym which stands for B. C. 5 per cent. Weekend MCQ 11.3: A new phone is supplied for Rs 20,000 along with the exchange of an old phone worth Rs 2,000. ‘Import’ which is used in the context of imposition of duty. A. ANSWER: D, 40. B. Backward vertical FDI. C. Education. CUSTOM MCQ’S CHAPTER- 1 DEFINITION -----CUSTOM LAW Q1. What are the bases of market segmentation? The company includes GST to the cost of goods, and a buyer who purchases the goods pays the cost price with the GST. D. Of the same degree as within the country. ANSWER: B, 59. A. ANSWER: D, 4. A. lower than per capita GNI. C. It is based on established practised. A. Identifying key competitive forces; identifying competitive position; identifying key opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses. C. specific. B. central excess on indigenous companies. B. ANSWER: d. All the above Capital account is classified into 3 parts in India- private, banking and official capital. Religion of a person affects his/her Threat of entrants; the power of buyers; the power of suppliers; the threat of substitutes; competitive rivalry. D. Tribal law. A duty is a federal tax on imports (or exports). 5. It allows a detailed analysis of the structure of an industry. The Imports and Exports (Control) Act was passed in the year A. Efficiency seeking FDI. B. distribution and marketing. Patents. Only multinational firms engage in international business. B. discriminatory. D. Multi-regional business. GST. A. local-content laws and exchange controls. Auditing macro-environmental influences; identifying key competitive forces; identifying competitive position; identifying key opportunities and threats. C. Theocratic law. D. Holding the manufacturer for advertising false information. 93. Foreign companies should not boycott exports from the country. Economics Objective Questions and Answers Test contains 10 questions. C. Transnational business. B. Similar strategies are adopted by a firm in all markets. B. Multinational business. We have compiled NCERT MCQ Questions for Class 11 Business Studies Chapter 10 Internal Trade with Answers Pdf free download. Voluntary export restraint is B. The volume they buy accounts for a large percentage of their suppliers’ sales. A. holidays. The following are examples of political risk actions D. Finance only. Answer. D. to raise income and restrict imports. B. ANSWER: C, 30. Immobility of labour among nations is Market seeking FDI. The essential feature of FDI is B. D. Unsolicited foreign orders. C. direct democracy only. B. ANSWER: C, 73. On import of goods into, and export of goods from, India. C. Copyrights. The five forces that affect the level of competition in an industry are A. in the order specified. A quick method that can help international marketers compare the relative value of currencies is to check the price of a Private capital b. (a) Fundamental duties- Part IV-A (b) Directive principles of State policy- Part IV b) Promote exports from India. D. Life expectancy. B. the business cycle at home or abroad. A. Question 6: A receipt issued by the commanding officer of the ship when the cargo is loaded on the ship is known as. The income level of residents in a country is indicated by Size of investment will be high. C. Fixed costs, exit barriers and operational efficiency. Students who viewed this also studied. Bill of lading. The possibility of an existing competitor capturing the entire market. 30 per cent. Answers to Economics MCQs are available at the end of the last question. Depends on the type of problem. D. Both ownership and management of the firm are transferred to locals gradually. a) Promote import of capital goods to enhance export. D. In all cases. A. all developing countries. ‘Import’ which is used for the purpose of compliance of provisions of act or other law as is required under section 11(1),Section 111(d) and Section 113(d) of the Custom Act,1962. D. It is not applicable to criminal cases. The European Union is an example of For society, religion has no influence on A. duct, Economy, Society, Technology C. Strategic Business Units (SBUs). ANSWER: D, 26. A. ANSWER: C, 58. D. Trade should be liberal as provided under the WTO charter. Product liability law relates to C. Law based on religious precepts. ANSWER: C, 15. D. all of the above. ANSWER: B, 88. D. Canada. Anti- globalisation has been voiced by A. Prevent Smuggling. ANSWER: C, 44. B. by using psychological pricing strategies. A. Male- female ratio in the country. Competitive pressures. B. money supply and interest rate. 1977. B. competitive pressures C. police force in the private hands. A. B. B. gifting practices.