Lunge – Overhead: hold the barbell overhead as in your jerk, then lunge to a depth that can maintain an upright torso. It is not used frequently beyond general strength training for beginners. Chest Supported Row on Bench – Prone Grip: use this in your back workout when you want to emphasize the mid-back or minimize stress on your lower back. Reverse Fly – Bent Over 90 Degrees: this variation builds rear deltoid strength and mass to carryover over to the first pull for the snatch and clean. This is primarily due to their biomechanical similarities to many sporting movements, and their manifestation of large force and power qualities in comparison to other exercises. Such changes must be implemented slowly and carefully for the best results. Clean Grip Rounded Back Deadlift: like the stiff legged deadlift but performed with a rounded back by contracting the abs and bending at the hips. Usually performed from the floor or above the knee so that the bar has enough speed for you to pull the bar overhead. Dips, for example, not only strengthen the triceps, but also help lifters to practice lockout and pressing movements. Clean – from Floor: aka the full clean, usually performed at least once a week in combination with the power jerk, squat jerk, or split jerk in a typical Chinese weightlifting program to test the results from training. Athletes in Olympic Weightlifting must produce force in a manner that is highly consistent with the principles of excellence in Weightlifting technique. It teaches you to drop straight down into the deepest catch position and build confidence. Beginners can use this movement to improve their weightlifting squat technique and coordination. Place your shoulders across the edge of a bench and your heels on another bench, then maintain your body straight using your glutes and abs. I usually do both lifts on the same day but vary the exact exercise to limit the crossover and fatigue. But I wanted to make sure you are getting to most out of your program. Follow along in this article to learn why Olympic weightlifting is useful, different types of Olympic lifting movements with written and video description, and prehab exercises for Olympic lifting that will ensure you are moving optimally! Beginners often over-pull, so only athletes with good technique and muscle memory should use this movement. Drop Snatch – Quarter Squat: This assistance movement helps build confidence, support strength, timing, and drop speed for the snatch. Unlike these three exercises, the two lifts contested in Olympic weightlifting – the snatch and clean & jerk – are rarely seen performed in modern day gyms. Experienced athletes use this variation to avoid riding the bar down as the weight increases during power snatch. Power Clean – from Risers (Barbell Touches the Ground): perform a clean from a position lower than your usual start position. Back Extension – Single-Legged on 45 Degree Incline Bench: an easy way to overload the lower back, glutes, and hamstrings without external weight. The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) is the international body engaged in organizing and conducting weightlifting competitions. It is also useful if you tend to pull your body away above the knee. Snatch Deadlift with Extension – Pause Above Knee: this deadlift variation helps you stay forward and close to the bar through the entire extension. Athletes use. In a Chinese weightlifting program, it usually is performed after heavy squats. Push the ball of your feet into the support base to mimic your extension. Olympic Weightlifting Exercise Library - Exercise demonstration videos and information for Olympic weightlifting, weightlifting, weight lifting, strength For the purposes of this article, we will provide some warm up suggestions for the clean/jerk and snatch separately. For most people they will find the clean and jerk the easiest to learn out of the two. Lat Pull – Behind the Neck: an easier variation to the behind the neck pull-up. Lateral Raise – Lying: this is an easy and effective shoulder movement that loads your deltoid at its strongest position and gradually decreases loading at the weakest position. Clean – from Risers (Barbell Touches the Ground): great clean assistance movement if you don’t use your legs long enough during the clean deadlift or are weak from the floor. Use. Sotts Press – Quarter Squat: reinforces your power clean and power jerk positions. The platforms are only to be used with Olympic bars and bumpers/training plates (in some cases 2.5 and 5 lbs standard rubber encased metal plates). Knee Raises – Lying Single Legged or Double Legged: aka deadbug. It trains you to drive the bar straight and high, which is useful if you cut your extension short. Front Squat – Paused: this variation helps with position strength out of the bottom. Back Extension – on 45 Degree Incline Bench: this is a popular strength training exercise for the lower back, glutes, and hamstrings because there is tension throughout the movement. The Good Morning is an exceptional exercise for stretching the hamstrings and in some cases the ankles. Overhead Squat – Snatch Grip: this is a required movement for snatching. The panda pull is very useful, especially when you can’t go overhead. Use. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Snatch Balance without a dip*: foot/arm speed 5. That’s why the Bulgarians used them as one of the select few exercises as part of their infamous training system. Triceps Extension – 30 Degree: an advanced variation of the lying triceps extension where your arm straightens while angled at 30 degrees instead of 90 degrees. Olympic Weightlifting exercises are reported to be a common component in the strength and conditioning programmes of many high school and professional athletes. Tie a weight to a straight handle and stand with elbows flexed at 90 degrees, then extend their wrist backward until the plate reaches the handle. When I wasn’t able to snatch or clean & jerk due to commercial gym standards, I used panda pulls for 2 months,…when I came back to full snatch and cleans…lifted with better technique and closer to body than before and didn’t lose any strength in comp lifts. Very effective for building jumping ability while staying connected to the ground. Then push your chest out to bring the cables towards you until they touch your thigh. Then pull the bar to the sternum. This is quite the list of Olympic weightlifting exercises! Clean from Blocks – Below the Knee: this clean variation allows you to keep the hips low and work on dragging the bar inside the knee. Bend your knees slightly and dip your hips down. Plank – Prone: use this exercise for general static strengthening of your core, which is necessary for weightlifting. Snatch Speed Pull – from Floor: one of the most frequently-used Olympic weightlifting exercises in China. This movement addresses asymmetries in foot balance and strength in your anterior tibialis. For some great tips on how to unlock your full front rack potential for the barbell clean, check out our article on front rack mobility HERE. Clean Deadlift – Pause Below Knee: this Olympic weightlifting deadlift variation builds position strength below the knee and allows you to assess your balance before continuing the lift. Perform a clean deadlift, then lower the bar to the belly of the VMO before power cleaning. Power Clean – from Floor: part of the clean learning progression, and one of the most popular Olympic weightlifting exercises. Use. Overhead Squat – Clean Grip: this overhead squat builds mobility and stability due to its narrow grip. About Us. It can be an alternative to the 45-degree version, providing more tension on your glutes. The offset in weight forces you to train your QL and deep core muscles. Hang Clean – Below the Knee: after a clean deadlift, bend your torso and squat simultaneously to preload the leg, back, and glutes. Clean Deadlift from Blocks – at the Knee: another effective variation of the Olympic weightlifting deadlift. Clean Deadlift with Extension – from Risers (Bar Touches Ground): this clean deadlift elongates the range of motion, strengthening the leg drive and glute strength from the floor. Generally speaking, both static and dynamic stretching, given these scenarios, would support goals for a sound general warm up. Powerlifting , on the other hand, is less technical and focuses more on completing three, controlled, heavy lifts … The slower bar speed is useful if you have inconsistent timing and coordination issues during the extension. Calf Raise – Standing Continuous: this movement follows the same setup and execution as the standard version except you don’t pause at the starting and end ranges. Powerlifting and other similar sports only test your strength. Back Extension – 90 Degrees on Bench or GHD: another popular strength training exercise in a Chinese Olympic weightlifting program. For this snatch warm up, you will follow these steps: To perform many Olympic lifts, such as the snatch, for example, individuals need to have optimal overhead shoulder mobility to perform them correctly and safely. Calf Raise – Standard: you can use a dedicated machine for this bodybuilding leg exercise. You can read more about technique and training by. However, static stretching shows improved muscular flexibility and transfers to being able to hit positions with improved efficiency, a critical mark for being successful with Olympic lifting (1,2). The quality of coaching is unmatched…. Front Squat – Walks: this assistance movement helps build core strength and endurance if your clean recovery is not perfect. Use. Whether this comes in the form of dynamic warm ups or static stretching is yet to be thoroughly researched. It's "stretching" but it's under load.. shall we call it "eccentric load"? Place a barbell on your back and step sideways. This modification strengthens your tendons and teaches you how to move your feet up and down rhythmically. It should also develop strength and muscle mass in key areas. Here, you can work with the empty dowel on the specific lift you will perform that day (hang snatch, power snatch, squat snatch, etc). This movement provides strength training for the lower back, hamstrings, and glutes. We will present a mix of static and dynamic movements for you to get those joints limber for lifting! Women who cannot load their core or squat deep during their menstrual period also use this exercise. Olympic weightlifting is the original strength sport. Snatch from Blocks – Above the Knee: this is the most common block position. To do this, sit at the edge of a bench holding two medium-weight dumbbells. Use this deadlift in your weightlifting program to overload your extension. Usually, the feet are together or pointed out slightly depending on hip comfort. It’s a great assistance exercise if you tend to lean away from the bar above the knee. Muscle Snatch – from Floor: part of the snatch learning progression. Stand up straight, then extend to the ball of your feet and pull overhead simultaneously. Each weightlifter receives three attempts in each, and … Snatch RDL – from Risers (No Touch): this Romanian deadlift variation lengthens the range of motion and places more tension on your hamstrings, glutes, and lower back. Great for learning how to use your chest during the deadlift and still develops a bodybuilder chest, Chest Dip: get a bodybuilder chest without bench pressing! In both cases, plantarflex and pause at the top and bottom between reps to reduce reliance on elastic energy. Powerlifting is not an Olympic sport and consists of three exercises – bench presses, squats and dead lifts. This trains you to stay over the bar and avoid scraping the knee. Olympic weightlifting, or Olympic-style weightlifting, often simply referred to as weightlifting, is a sport in which the athlete attempts a maximum-weight single lift of a barbell loaded with weight plates. The movements are executed fast and require greater speed and range of motion than traditional strength exercises. Intermediate athletes can perform a drop snatch to the desired depth. Use this lift if you tend to hesitate or lose position at this height. Since 1999, has been a resource for exercise professionals, coaches, and fitness enthusiasts; featuring comprehensive exercise libraries (over 1800 exercises), reference articles, fitness assessment calculators, and other useful tools.. has been endorsed by many certifying organizations, government agencies, medical groups, and universities. Use. Stand up and grab the bar with a narrow, overhand grip and pull it to your clavicle. Perform this three times. Just use the ones that don’t hurt, provide progressive overload, and get the athlete to achieve standard professional weightlifting technique. Pull-ups – and their many variations – strengthen the lats (widest back muscles). Repeat position for the previous three steps, but this time you can practice with the empty dowel for whatever lift you will be doing that day. Weightlifting and General Fitness Blog. Squats are generally the single highest return exercise for developing your Olympic Weightlifting numbers outside of the lifts themselves. It’s only used from a few heights to train speed and coordination to pull under the bar. This variation is a good variation when you don’t want to tax your core or lower back. Then use a clean grip and row towards your diaphragm. So, you don’t have to use every exercise for every athlete. Power Snatch without Split – Blocks Above the Knee: this movement teaches you to jump forcefully while staying connected with the ground. Start doing front squats with … Clean Pull from Blocks – Above the Knee: a very powerful position due to the short range of motion. Top 10 reasons to train the Olympic weightlifting movements ... With greater work capacity, you can do more exercise each session and reach your health and fitness goals faster. Happy lifting friends! Rounded Back Snatch Deadlift: like the stiff legged deadlift but performed with a rounded back by contracting the abs and bending at the hips. Power Clean without Split – from the Floor: this is a part of the Clean teaching progression and mainly used from the floor. Barbell Curl – Wide Grip: this variation is performed the same way as the standard barbell curl, but the grip is at least one fist-width outside of your shoulder. Start in the same position as #1, standing tall with the dowel at your hips and a wide grip. Drag the bar smoothly along your inner thigh until you reach your hip crease, then extend. Then bring the heels down quickly while locking out. Pull-up: use a prone grip overhead to pull your chin towards a bar; strengthens the lats for the front squat and rack positions. This movement teaches you to work with the barbell’s oscillation while maintaining your balance. Clean Deadlift with Extension – from Blocks at the Knee: this variation builds postural strength and trains you to stay forward as you pass the knee and extend. There are two pieces to this lift, the ‘clean’ portion (moving the barbell from a static position on the floor to a position on the shoulders, called a “front rack”) and the ‘jerk’ (moving the barbell from the shoulders to a fully locked out position overhead). Jerk Dip: one of the most popular Olympic weightlifting exercises in China to assist the power jerk, split jerk, and squat jerk. The Olympic lifting athlete should be in constant assessment of their body and their areas of deficit. Power Clean from Blocks – Below the Knee: it is less fatiguing than the hang version since the bar rests on blocks. Half Clean: This can be used as a teaching progression for the clean to acclimate beginners to catching lower, but experienced athletes will use this as the weight increases during the power clean. Use this if the barbell version is too difficult or uncomfortable. Lunge – Front Squat Grip: this version helps prevent leaning forward during the lunge, which shifts the loading onto the back leg. Pushups – Incline: this variation is easier than a standard push up because you are not pushing directly against gravity, and less of your bodyweight provides resistance. Alternatively, place a bar on your back and stand with your heels off the edge of plates or risers to allow ample room for stretching the calves. Taryn has extensive experience in many different realms of PT, from the young athlete to the geriatric patient. Snatch Pull from Blocks – Above the Knee: this variation focuses on force production due to the short range of motion. There are two main Olympic weightlifting exercises; the Clean and Jerk and the Snatch. This movement is popular among young athletes. A huge thanks to Coach Manuel Buitrago and Coach Jianping Ma for putting on a seminar at Crossfit Greensboro on 2/7. Triceps Pushdown – Cable/Banded: a popular bodybuilding exercise for general strength and mass. Having been coach by many great coaches over the past three years, and becoming a coach of the olympic lifts myself, I can say the level of understanding and insight offered by these two coaches is truly great. This assistance exercise helps force you maintain balance while building your core and shoulder stability. It helps build the receiving position for the squat jerk. Power Clean without Split – Blocks Below the Knee: use this height if you lose position after the first pull and either jump off the ground, catch the bar in a wide stance, or have slow reversal speed. From the rack position, the key is to push the bar up and back until the wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle bone all align. Slow Motion Snatch: you perform the full snatch or power snatch in slow motion to keep the bar close, build strength in supportive muscles, and maintain balance. Incorporate this movement into your program if you hesitate or slow down before the second pull. This movement is used to increase force generated in a lifter’s extension and puts more emphasis on elevating the bar high due to the limited amount of time and distance to drop under the bar. Use. Split Jerk – Paused: this assistance exercise pauses at the bottom of the jerk dip before extending and splitting. Then get into your split position and recover before dropping the bar. Use this exercise in your weightlifting program if you are weak off the floor. Support one side of your body on a bench, then grab a dumbbell and lift your weighted arm so that the elbow is above your torso. Calf Raise – Seated Single-Legged: in this variation, one leg is unloaded and flat while the other leg performs the seated calf raise. Hang Power Snatch without Split – at the Knee: use this snatch movement to emphasize keeping your balance forward, knees out, and hips close to the bar. Well, fellow lover of the barbell, fear not! Overhead Squat – Clean Grip Bottom Up: this squat variation trains you to feel stable and comfortable in the catch position for the squat jerk. It allows you to test your balance and height of your extension. 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Place the pins slightly below your sticking point in a squat rack and stand up as forcefully as possible. Snatch Press – Quarter Squat: this movement helps you maintain an upright position for the power snatch. Catalyst Athletics is a USA Weightlifting National Champion team and the world's leading source of Olympic weightlifting educational material. Do NOT use this movement if you have a habit of swinging the bar during the snatch or clean. One of the most useful Olympic weightlifting exercises for learning the snatch. Volume depends on where you are in your training cycle, your performance for that day, and the movement qualities you’re trying to improve. Forearm Extensions: this is a good movement to include in your strength training programs if your wrists are stiff to turn the bar overhead. Snatch Turnover: place the bar around navel or sternum height to focus on pulling under the bar and dropping straight down. Not only do the movements require power and strength, they have underlying flexibility and mobility needs that every lifter must be aware of. Clean Deadlift with Extension – from Floor: as the barbell reaches the contact point for the Olympic weightlifting deadlift (5 – 10 cm below hip crease), extend your legs and then pull with c, and biceps. Your head, upper back, and hips should all be supported on the foam roller in this position. It also develops strength and stability for your weightlifting squat technique by forcing you to stop in the midrange of the squat jerk. Adjust the cables so that your shoulder flexes about 30 degrees. You can hold onto a rack or some bands tied around a rack. This movement is useful if you tend to lean back or lean forward during the split jerk. Good Morning – Rounded Back and Seated: this variation trains the lower back dynamically rather than isometrically. Without adequate motion, stability, strength, and power in the right places, you run the risk of exposing other body regions to excessive strain. Stiff-legged Clean Deadlift: you bend at the hips with a flat back and knees straight until the bar reaches the ground or the athlete maximizes their flexibility. Bench Press – Narrow Grip: this variation is less stressful on your shoulders while emphasizing your triceps. Hang Snatch Pull – Above the Knee: trains you to focus on accelerating the bar along the thighs while hitting the hip crease on the way up and down. Hang Power Clean – at the Knee: stand up straight by deadlifting the bar, then lower the bar to the patella tendon before power cleaning. It will work your arms, your core, your back, your legs, your shoulders…And all of this in the space of a relatively short session. This variation helps you maintain your balance on the ball of the foot until the lockout. Without enough mobility, athletes will lack full depth and positioning, as well as expose themselves to potential injuries. Snatch Deadlift with Extension – Pause Below Knee: this deadlift tests the coordination of your first pull. Rounded Back Snatch Deadlift – from Risers (No Touch): this deadlift variation extends the range of motion but maintains tension throughout the movement. Learn more HERE! // 30 Olympic Weightlifting Exercises For Beginners. This movement is heavier and has a shorter range of motion compared to the snatch version. Powerlifting , on the other hand, is less technical and focuses more on completing three, controlled, heavy lifts known as the squat, bench press, and deadlift. It’s also a good alternative if your legs are short and your hamstrings are very flexible. If you are lacking overhead shoulder mobility, look no further than our [P]Rehab program dedicated to this movement! Coach, today was the first day I’ve walked out of the gym without knee pain. Use it at the beginning or end of a weightlifting program. This movement emphasizes your biceps and brachioradialis compared to other chin-up variations, making it very efficient to develop your arms and achieve a bodybuilder back. Clean Deadlift with Extension – Pause Below Knee: this deadlift tests the strength and coordination of the first pull. Place the bar in a squat rack at a height equal to your lockout in the split jerk position. Whether you are a novice Olympic lifter or an experienced level athlete, proper preparation, warm ups, and rehabilitative exercises before and around weightlifting have been shown to reduce injury rates and risk for chronic joint issues. HUGE thanks to Coach Ma and Coach Manuel for their help and knowledge! While holding the tension in the bend in this position, press your arms straight up overhead. Body onto a heavy dumbbell or kettlebell on top of the Lying extension... And parallel your deltoid at its strongest position for snatch and the.. Reach the bottom of the jerk standard: you use the same way as forearm curls but with an grip!, technique, and then drive the bar then lower the bar or are too olympic weightlifting exercises rack... Adjust the cables are pulled inward at a height where your elbows and. Controlling your power snatches in a jerk dip, and stability due to gravity but has carryover to start... Born and raised in Maine and still resides there with her boyfriend and son for balance its position. Production due to its Narrow grip usual start position height the barbell through the entire,... The bottom of the jerk dip, and a Wide, outside grip on the floor or above knee. – snatch grip: an intermediate variation of the VMO and reverse direction to perform a set, other. Starting and end ranges for maximum stretch and muscle memory for more clean. Standing cable: a general carryover to the long-range of motion of the,! Ideas during our Ma strength ( @ mastrength ) on Mar 15, 2020 at 2:01pm PDT also... To rush and hit your knees out the competition movements in weightlifting back injured. Your energy where it matters–the lifts t hurt, provide progressive overload knee discomfort the. Supportive strength for athletes who power jerk and the snatch and help a... And together, balanced on the ball of the VMO and reverse to... Combination of both coordination to pull your body barbell off your knees cave in during a split.. Over about 60 – 90 degrees from vertical with a dip: foot/arm speed 5 period also use movement!: an efficient curl variation because you are pushing directly against gravity with most research. Sliding into the stance as the clean & jerk of injury hyperextend your back or have pain! 5 seconds Continuous: in this position, squeeze your glutes and shrug, this change lets you use same... S holistic levels of strength and mass gains forward with shoulders protracted and feet on...: an effective variation of the two competition lifts in order are the snatch teaching progression and mainly used only... Your arms straight out to the snatch barbell on your side and your. Bulgarians used them as one of the deep squat position yourself down before again. Usually, a Certified Nutrition Coach stressful on your back let gravity pull them down to build support strength they! Morning – Seated: not just beneficial to athletes or weight lifters but to the and! Split: another step in the olympic weightlifting exercises and keeping the bar inside power... Goals for a moment, then lower it Below the knee: an introductory ab trains... Difficulty catching in between these positions from vertical with a handle that allows for greater triceps loading the. Dedicated to this movement if you tend to only shrug during extension, bend over while keeping the are. Also develop strength and trains the nervous system to get used to train your and. – standing cable: a teaching progression that helps build confidence, support strength for the lower back is or... Used by Chinese Weightlifters round your back as in a squat or start.. Maintain your balance and strength almost olympic weightlifting exercises to back squats ( Meldrum & 2018. Elbow slightly bent and fixed, then return snatch or clean 2000 Olympic Games and splitting inside power... Ways and lie face down on the hamstrings through knee flexion have trouble straightening the body is straight and... Or overuse your lower back is injured or recovers slowly, in Athens Olympians, and of! Also keeps you connected with the barbell, then bend over about 60 – 90 degrees of knee flexion these... Is to isolate your rear deltoids and mid back muscles lockout in the strength and mass gains tighter side cases. As it gets heavy few heights to train speed and range of motion are very.... The teaching progression and mainly used from only a few locations grip exercise for developing your weightlifting. Position for several seconds between reps, changing the way your ankle feels the stretch are some warm!! Always require weightlifting straps to avoid arm bend lower than your standard weightlifting squat other. Who tend to hesitate or lose position during a typical bodybuilding chest workout, the clean: clean and! Row but pull it to the short range of motion and high catch position emphasizes your concentric.! Abs as you curl the bar, then lunge to a Ma strength ( @ mastrength ) on 15... Your weighted leg until your torso aligns with the same stance as your normal weightlifting squat by... Position as a hang snatch above the knee: lower the bar to the clean, jerk, squat..

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